Open daily 10 - 12 am and 3 - 6 pm. .

Welcome to the riding stable "To`n Peerstall" on the beautiful North Sea Island Langeoog.


We are happy that you are interested in our offer and we would like to give you a little overview here. Please contact us for more information. We are looking forward to you.

Our location!

To’n Peerstall Langeoog
Schniederdamm 8
26465 Langeoog
Tel. 04972/725


Enjoy a hack in a small group of max. 6 people along Langeoog`s lovely beaches and countryside on our Irish Tinkers. Only for experienced riders – that means walk, trot, canter, gallop, rising trot and light seat must be shown, also over long distances.

1.5 hours – 48 €  (riding time 1.5h, total 2 h)

Rent a pony

Enjoy a quiet walk with your children on horseback while you are leading the pony (children max. 1.40 m and 30 kg).

30 min – 13 €
60 min – 22 €

Rent a little pony cart for the whole family for 1 hour (2 grown-up + 2 small children) and drive across the island on your own with our obedient shetland ponies.

1 hour – 33 €

Riding lessons

Private lesson: for beginners – learn how it feels to ride and control a horse and train your balanced seat. From 6 years of age, 1.30 m tall onwards.

25 min – 40 €

Group lessons: continue your education – learn to further enhance your knowledge about riding in a group of max. 6 people. Walk, trot and steering a must, canter asked for but optional. Or maybe you just want to check if you are fit for our hacks?

45 min – 30 €

Explore the island with your own horse

Guest horse stabling: Box (3 x 4 m) with straw, hay and hard feed, we muck out once a day, you can turn out in your own pasture.

from 27 € per day

Guest horse pasture: Pasture only – always fresh water.

from 15 € per day